An Open Letter to Sun Coast Farmer’s Coop in Florida Re: Silica Fertilization in Agriculture

October 22, 2012



To Suncoast Coop farmer’s, Florida:

Great news received tonight on your co-op group! I restore lakes ( We have been employing natural processes to restore lakes in our country for many years now. We have been employing the use of a bio-available nano silica fertilizer in these lakes which have produced siliceous diatom colony growth. This advent has hyper-oxygenated the lakes we are restoring and as a result, zooplankton and fish are rapidly increasing and there health is great too.. I digress. The point here is that I have been researching this non-toxic additive to use in our lakes to overcome the nutrient loading from NPK fertilization from point source agriculture upstream. I think we all “get it” that this is a problem. The onset diatom growth is redirecting the nutrients arriving in the water bodies and directing the nutrients into zooplankton and fish instead of accumulating in the water body and then through this accumulation, causing internal loading dynamics that fuel weed growth/plant growth over animal (fish) growth. The reason I am stating this here on your blog is simple, I want to let you know that Lake-Savers’ goal is to introduce a “Win – Win” scenario for agriculture and specifically organic farmers to consider what I am going to say very closely…

The Nano-Fertilizer we are employing in our lake restoration projects (nation-wide) is producing very good (remarkable) results, Oxygenation is super-saturated in these waters (from photosynthesis from siliceous diatoms) and nutrients are being redirected to higher order trophic levels, thus nutrient loads are dropping, weed growth is diminishing and depth is being increased one foot + per year (from bottom muck being bio-re-mediated) from aerobes, also benefiting from the abundant O2 produced, all from the enhanced and explosive onset siliceous diatom growth we are initiating from this process. The nano-silica with trace micro-nutrient’s formulated precisely and elegantly from this inert and non-toxic, natural mineral compound (nano molecular additive) is so beneficially potent, it’s remarkable that this is actually even possible. Science has been looking for such an additive for a very long time actually to accomplish the very same thing we are now realizing within our water-body projects.

Why is this note-worthy of my reaching out to you then as farmer’s and local grower’s?

Along with the bounty and all the benefits we are seeing from this additive within water-bodies is that this same nano-formulation of nano-available silica is also beneficial to agriculture as a foliar spray. As a foliar spray this nano-silica formulation will cause some remarkable results to all crops where it is applied. The advantages are the following:

Drought resistance (from fortifying the plant cell wall and making the plant much more efficient at retaining and using water).
More energy efficient (Photo-Synthesis is greatly enhanced from leaves and stalks being raised to a higher angle to the sun from the plant being more stout from silica reinforcement).
Greater strength plant (from being fortified with higher internal silica, the plant becomes less vulnerable to being blown over or to wilting and physical stress).
More efficient use of NPK fertilizer (the plant is much more efficient overall and requires less fertilizer.. by up to a third less).
Less or no need for pesticides (in many cases the nano-silica infused within the plant becomes a physical reinforcement or barrier, enhancing the armor quality of the leafs, insects cannot break the leaf with their jaws).
Greater tasting, healthier and more nutritious food from the vegetation is reported due to the plants being more vital overall, from the silica enhanced and natural growing environment.
Greater yields and over all greater plant size (Almost a doubling in the plants size and a 30% yield improvement has been recorded from agricultural use in India).

Secondary to these benefit’s is that runoff from the nano-silica that reaches a water body will only help diatom growth. Diatom’s are in soils… They are highly beneficial to native soils and provide as much benefit to soils as they do in lakes. The ancient humic soils, so rich in silica and nutrients support this.

As we are the U.S. Import / distributor’s of this product, we are going to be reaching out to expand this message to agriculture and individual coop farmers and local-grow farmer’s markets everywhere in the U.S.

GMO and heavy pesticide use is clearly hurting all of us.. There is no argument for GMO being more beneficial for greater yields in any commercial application, this is an untruth used to propagate the continued use for potentially harmful practices that support runaway GMO agricultural / commercialized farming practices. This myth is destroying the American Farmer and diminishing the nutrient value within our foods. Pesticides are also harmful, causing the onset promulgation of fatal disease and poor health. Pesticide’s are clearly poisoning or waters and our foods (US!).

Anything that would decrease the use of these would only help to benefit us all directly.

I ask that you consider reaching out to us and let us ‘pilot’ this with you.. If you have a list or other contacts for connecting Local Grower’s and local Coop Farmers we’d love to be informed about them too. We are pioneering this here in the U.S. and I’d like to thank you for your attention on reading all about this on your site.

Thank you

Jack Mosel, Senior Lake Restoration Consultant

About Jack Mosel

I own a business in which restoration services and consultancy services are provided for the restoration of privately owned and municipal / recreational water bodies and drinking water reservoirs through truly unique, all natural means of Bio-Augmentation and Bio-Mimicry. I utilize local water body restoration projects as part of my teaching practice whn I am employed as a NYS Secondary High Scool Earth Science teacher (Grades 7-12). I bring real world applications of Environmental / Earth Science and Aquatic biology into my classroom through these activities. As Senior Lake Restoration Consultant for Lake-Savers, a long standing business partnership with Lake-Savers combines resources from both our company's which when combined, have many large and smaller scale projects to date to exemplify ourselves as a truly unique turn-key Lake Restoration services provider. We are the largest and most successful lake restoration company in the country. We have data which supports our restoration of water bodies through biologically promoting 'Re-Oligotrophication' or reversing the degraded status of a dying water body to a healthy or "pristine" water body through all natural / biological augmentation means and incorporate ecological engineering as being an entirely valid and achievable as well as sustainable, goal metric oriented process. Our process advances and model's our assertion, that "We bring life back to the lake and the lake in turn, comes back to life". We employ ecological process engineering which mimic's nature. We engineer project's to compliment and enhance aquatic biology, to balance and re-institute ecological and biological homeostasis as well as enhancing natural/physical mechanisms through our engineering and ecological bio-mimicry. We ultimately repair and increase the natural potential from the physical environment and enhance the essential foundations for biological/ecological food-web pathways as an art and as a science. Recently, we have been actively deploying the use of Nano particle sized, biologically available Silica with trace minerals to successfully promote prolific and sustained as well as increasingly diversified siliceous diatom blooms within lakes. This has had very positive and immediately observable results in terms of providing "super-saturated Dissolved Oxygen at the benthic as well as within the entire water column. We have observed significantly diminished blue green algae within lakes from what we belief is a causally related to these activities we employ. Nutrient competition, in diverting Phosphorous and Nitrogen in the water column, as well as within benthic accumulations, is our aim. Our process is entirely scalable. Senior lake Restoration Consultant Lake-Savers: Restoring lakes, Ponds and Reservoir's through Engineered biological augmentation. Reversing the trophic index of Hyper-Eutrophic lakes... naturally. Re-Oligitrophication is our very unique specialty at Lake-Savers. Our engineered process as applied, increase depth of up to one foot per year, cause sustained Silicious Diatoms to remain active and thrive, cause super-saturation of D.O. beyond thermal water densities' capacity throughout the entire water column. Restore health and vitality throughout the entire water column through entirely scalar engineering including rivers, alkes and Ponds. Some of our projects are lakes ranging in many thousands of acres in size. We can remove up to 90 percent Phosphorous bound within the benthic of the lake, where Internal loading dynamics perpetuate and facilitate excascerbated hypereutrophication. Through these unique ecological dynamic's we deploy throughout all our project's we complete the nitrogen cycle and enhance the trophic food web from it's foundation up. W a're highly specialized and are unique beyond comparison.

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