Question: How do we reverse the accumulated Phosphorus in Lake Carmel?

February 11, 2013


We employ bio mimicry to facilitate degredation of the benthic accumulated organic detritus (Muck). Average depth increase is one foot per year. Phosphorus is converted into fuel for aerobic bacteria, nitrogen is converted and released back to the atmosphere (completing the N Cycle). Phosphorus and Nitrogen are accumulated in the benthic muck. This is a fuel sink for future algae blooms and or explosive weed growth. We oxygenate at the water sediment contact layer. Oxygenating this vital boundary (without creating turbidity) is accomplished through an engineered process we invented and have 45 years of global success in. We will remove 90% of the Phosphorus from Lake Carmel and increase its depth one foot per year (Minimum). Fish health and quantity will dramatically improve and this will also bring Lake Carmel (specifically) well under the E. of Hudson Phosphorus Coalition’s threshold for meeting well under the existing Phosphorus point source loading budget. This will set a model for all to follow in all of E. of Hudson and I dare say NYS and the country…

We have recent peer review and published scientific data and a Limnology report from last months NALMS symposium in U. Wisconsin, Madison where this was presented and accepted. My work with Biogenic Silica Fertilization in-situ (nationwide) is also now being heralded as a breakthrough in biological augmentative treatment protocol’s we are deploying which initially have provided super saturation in D.O. And explosive zooplankton growth, along with supporting all aquatic vertebrate population’s ancilliary means to added benefits from this.. All life forms increase….

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About Jack Mosel

I own a business in which restoration services and consultancy services are provided for the restoration of privately owned and municipal / recreational water bodies and drinking water reservoirs through truly unique, all natural means of Bio-Augmentation and Bio-Mimicry. I utilize local water body restoration projects as part of my teaching practice whn I am employed as a NYS Secondary High Scool Earth Science teacher (Grades 7-12). I bring real world applications of Environmental / Earth Science and Aquatic biology into my classroom through these activities. As Senior Lake Restoration Consultant for Lake-Savers, a long standing business partnership with Lake-Savers combines resources from both our company's which when combined, have many large and smaller scale projects to date to exemplify ourselves as a truly unique turn-key Lake Restoration services provider. We are the largest and most successful lake restoration company in the country. We have data which supports our restoration of water bodies through biologically promoting 'Re-Oligotrophication' or reversing the degraded status of a dying water body to a healthy or "pristine" water body through all natural / biological augmentation means and incorporate ecological engineering as being an entirely valid and achievable as well as sustainable, goal metric oriented process. Our process advances and model's our assertion, that "We bring life back to the lake and the lake in turn, comes back to life". We employ ecological process engineering which mimic's nature. We engineer project's to compliment and enhance aquatic biology, to balance and re-institute ecological and biological homeostasis as well as enhancing natural/physical mechanisms through our engineering and ecological bio-mimicry. We ultimately repair and increase the natural potential from the physical environment and enhance the essential foundations for biological/ecological food-web pathways as an art and as a science. Recently, we have been actively deploying the use of Nano particle sized, biologically available Silica with trace minerals to successfully promote prolific and sustained as well as increasingly diversified siliceous diatom blooms within lakes. This has had very positive and immediately observable results in terms of providing "super-saturated Dissolved Oxygen at the benthic as well as within the entire water column. We have observed significantly diminished blue green algae within lakes from what we belief is a causally related to these activities we employ. Nutrient competition, in diverting Phosphorous and Nitrogen in the water column, as well as within benthic accumulations, is our aim. Our process is entirely scalable. Senior lake Restoration Consultant Lake-Savers: Restoring lakes, Ponds and Reservoir's through Engineered biological augmentation. Reversing the trophic index of Hyper-Eutrophic lakes... naturally. Re-Oligitrophication is our very unique specialty at Lake-Savers. Our engineered process as applied, increase depth of up to one foot per year, cause sustained Silicious Diatoms to remain active and thrive, cause super-saturation of D.O. beyond thermal water densities' capacity throughout the entire water column. Restore health and vitality throughout the entire water column through entirely scalar engineering including rivers, alkes and Ponds. Some of our projects are lakes ranging in many thousands of acres in size. We can remove up to 90 percent Phosphorous bound within the benthic of the lake, where Internal loading dynamics perpetuate and facilitate excascerbated hypereutrophication. Through these unique ecological dynamic's we deploy throughout all our project's we complete the nitrogen cycle and enhance the trophic food web from it's foundation up. W a're highly specialized and are unique beyond comparison.

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